Friday, October 22, 2010

When Washington is fun

So tonight Andy and I went out with all three children to {dar un paseo}.  We went out to Music in the Streets.
It was fun.
not {fun}, sino, fun.

We walked up and down Main Street--which was closed to traffic--and socialized and looked at stuff, and listened to music.
This is something that has been happening for several years here now, and it is fun.
It always happens on Friday nights, and there are bands and musicians all up and down the road.
All of the businesses stay open and you can browse etc.
We have two restaurants down there that were open!--Yippie!
They were so full that no one else could get in there to eat---particularly not a couple with three children.
So we ended up behind someone's bar eating a barbeque plate--they were cooking a pig behind the coffee shop.
Eva is the hambone--she was a live wire...her usual bedtime is 6:30--tonight at 6:30 she was dancing to music in the road and playing peek-a-boo with my friend.
We left at 8:00.

In other places around--well, everywhere I guess--people do stuff like this all the time.
Here in the l-dubs people don't do stuff like this...hang out in the road talking.
At 8:30 here on any {normal} night--there are not even any cars on the road--and that is not an exaggeration.
So we will be going out to Music in the streets again--I think the last time we went was the Summer of 2008.
I posted about it...Victor had a melt down about his ice cream melting....

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Bethany said...

I am picturing those empty streets from memory... :) Mom always talks about Music in the Streets - she used to take my grandmother in her wheelchair, and they LOVED it. Did Mom and her kids tap dance? Usually they do a little performance... "The Floor-escents"