Sunday, October 24, 2010

Shopping {vicariously}

So my {salt} friend and I had a shopping trip was full of laughs, bathroom emergencies, nursing the baby all over the mall, and more laughs...and SPENDING MONEY.
Now, since Andy and I have no money, the money spender was Sissy.
She had a fun time!
We both just went in every store she wanted to go into and she tried on and tried on and tried on...I was the public relations girl, the hang it up girl, and the hold the baby girl...which was all fine with me as long as I had my spiced chai ice storm from Nordstrom, and my stroll through the Nordstrom's shoe dept.
Sissy came away with:
Two pairs of boots
A pair of designer jeans--the reallyhhhiilllyy expensive ones
about six or seven shirts
some camis--which, much to my chagrin will NOT go away (should we really agree to buying three shirts just to get one?) {down girl, down}
Gifts for Caroline's birthday
I think that is all.

Elena and I got boots, haircut, and camis--Elena was not with me--btw, she was playing soccer.
We came home exhausted!

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