Wednesday, October 27, 2010


We all got up....I got everyone ready for church---no time to'll get a snack there!
Come on!
I cried--almost every Sunday this happens--will God forgive me when I get there?
Will my children?
What do they think when I get to Church...all dolled up--and I have my {game face} on?
I bet they {get it} already....

Sunday afternoon--Andy and Elena are at the Soccer field.  Victor and I are resting, while Eva naps...
our bellies our full....our duties are fullfilled..
Victor goes outside to play..and then he comes to me with a box of treasures...
"Thethe are the things God gibs uth Mommy."
"I found you a boxth of treasures"
"Thee?" (See?)



Anonymous said...

He is SO Cute!

Susan said...

Thanks Melissa!
He looks EXACTLY like my mother in law....go figure...
It is a hoot to all of us!
I mean..the mouth, the cheeks, the hair, the teeth...all of it.
Stubborn like me, {and her too}

Bethany said...

That is too sweet.... Sweet big little guy. he is looking older, more like a big boy than a baby. Sorry for you ;-)