Thursday, November 25, 2010


The book fair was at Eastern Elementary the other week.
When the book fair comes I get a little crazy.
Let's just say it takes me back.  And since I work with children every day, and since I have three...
Well, when the book fair comes I just live vicariously.
This is the first year that one of my actual children has been at school with me.
So when it was parent night and she got to go in a pick out a book--well, we were both pretty excited.
I just let her pick out whatever she book and one for her sister and one for Victor.
Well, the one she picked surprised me.
It is not pink, or Fancy Nancy, no Pinkalicious....
She picked the National Geographic Facts book!  Yippie!  Be still my heart!
Andy and I have managed to produce {hopefully} a fellow nerd. ;).
She has carried that book everywhere she has gone since she got it.

Last night we had a little topical index sesh.  She was all into picking out  a word and looking it
up to see if there were any facts in her book about that topic.
I must say seeing her do this is really endearing to reminds me of well..... {ME}!

Okay, this nerdy mama is off to warsh and then cook a bird. :)

Oh, no wait, I have to procrastinate for one more story.
The other night I had a nerd sesh on my Nook and I looked up my mama's family name--
Dewar--the author who came up was named George Albemarle Bertie Dewar.
Whoa --talk about a name! (I bet his children wore some big ole hairbows)
Well, it turns out he was some English nobleman and that he really like to write books.
It also turns out that he is not related to me -- hee hee. :)
But his writings are interesting--I guess if you were a nobleperson it was pretty easy to get published in the early 1900's.


Bethany said...

Oh welcome, sweet E, to the {potential} nerd sorority/fraternity awesomeness! Love it. That is so much fun, to see their little personalities when they are given new choices! Very cool... i want that book too.
And what a name that was - i bet bertie county was named for someone like that, right?

Susan said...


God I love you! You {fall} right into my trap...
Yippie! and {Thanks}. :)
Yes. I bet Bertie county was named for someone like that...
and then the Albemarle sound too..
One of his descendants was named Peregrine--now there is a name!
I like that one... hmmmm....