Tuesday, November 23, 2010

you can go back...

i am not sure if anyone else does this...or if this happens to other people...
but sometimes scents and sounds and sights just take you back.
sometimes the scenes you go back to in your mind are so sweet...
just neutral..but back nonetheless.
The other day at church and when we were getting in the car the smell in the air took me
back to being in Sevilla in the fall that i was there.
I would love to know which scent it was...what was it?
I have never had that here.  The air was damp and fresh at the same time, but it instantly took
me back.  Some smell registered itself deep in my brain..right behind my nose, {actually} hee hee..
Sometimes there is a song.  These are more predictable, and one can do this on purpose.
Certain ones take me to my friend Sara's big bedroom with the wood floors and our cigarette
smoke in high school...and listening to music, and trying on clothes, and talking...
Other ones go right back to when I was little.
Last night Andy and I watched videos of our children from the past two years.
Oh how dear!  Those can {almost} take you back.  They are more reminders of
how your children looked or what they were doing..
I am thinking, right now, that scent is the thing that takes us back the most, and in the
most sincere way, and uncontrollably.
What is bad is when we go back to some emotion or situation that was not the best, and
all sorts of feelings are conjured up.  I do not do this often...it happens by accident {usually}
or maybe PMS causes it...
That does happen, though, no?

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone!
I have spent this week planning cooking...which I love to do, but can't do well
anymore b/c my mama always gives us her extras.
I have also been explaining the {real} story according to {me} about the Indians...
It trips my children out...Who do we  believe??? ...ahhhhh...Mama or our {teacher}???
I tell them..you can believe whichever, really..Mine is the {truth.}  Andy smirks. ;).
This afternoon in the car Victor asked me, "mama, why did the pilgrims kill the Indians?"
I said, "oh, b/c people can be mean as hell, Victor."
"oh, okay," he said.

Nighty Night...happy eating!

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Bethany said...

LOL... mine have been singing"pilgrims and indians sat down together" all week... and now I'm laughing at your rebellion against winner take all "history!"
Re: smells... yeah. they can take you back like crazy. Sometimes I smell my dad, just out of the blue, and it stops me in my tracks.