Sunday, November 21, 2010

Sunday Drives

I think I have done this post before....
One thing is for sure, I will not link back to that post, b/c I do not know how. ;).
BUT today Elena and Victor and I went riding with my Daddy.
We went to see my Aunt Joyce and take her some pine cones.
We rode by all kinds of stuff...his deer stand, the house he grew up in from
the fifth grade until he graduated from highschool,
the spot where the house was where he was born, the all of the fields and farms
he used to work on --"I bailed hay there, I used to pull corn out there, one summer I tended that farm.."
He can go on and on.
The spot where my grandaddy and got in a wreck and his brother (my grandaddy's) was killed, the spot
where the bridge is over a creek where he used to fish, the spot
where there used to be a little store, where he would go to get a drink (like pepsi--we don't say
"soda" around here).
Anyway, when we got to the house that is still standing that he actually lived  in, Elena's eyes got as big
as fifty cent pieces!--The house is a shack---no paint--it is falling in...falling down you cannot
go into it.
We looked into the house from outside..."There was the that a toilet inside there? (I
thought he was going to go in and get that..) I know we sure didn't have one..."
So my Daddy and at least four of his siblings at any given time and his mama and daddy lived in that house.
I WAS REALLY WISHING for my camera! --It is impressive to see...
It made a big impression on Elena..
Then we went on to see my Aunt Joyce.
She is my Daddy's older sister and she is losing it a bit...she is a bit senile we think.
But today she got right up, she got out old picture books and she started looking through them with me.
This was a treasured moment, b/c sometimes she does not know who we are anymore.

Okay--enough..I am off to read. :)


Laura Smith said...

You should take your camera and a tape recorder to have his voice telling all of the old stories. We keep a tape recorder at my grandmas house to capture stories she shares. I think it will someday be a treasure! HAPPY THANKSGIVING!

Bethany said...

This is really sweet...