Monday, November 15, 2010

weekend {away}

So this weekend Andy and I went to the beach...just us.
We met friends and stayed at the beach cottage.  They were running the 1/2 marathon.
We were not. :)
We had a blast on Friday afternoon.
We went to a bar and had a drink--no worries, no hurries...then we talked
and hung out together all afternoon.
Then on Saturday we both realized that we missed our children.
It was an {almost panicky} kind of miss.
We did have fun all weekend.
I watched a movie, I read....I shopped.
We all went out to eat together TWO TIMES.
BUT--on Sunday we were ready to come home!  We missed the babes.

I am very interested, now, to know--or discover--how the people feel who are able to leave their children more regularly for vacations.
We all talk about wanting one...but do we really?
I am thinking, now, that I actually don't.
I know people who go off with regularity without their children.
They take vacations for three or four days...more than once a year, and travel farther than just two
hours away to the family beach house...
I have always thought that I would like this...but would I?  Could I?  Could we?  Andy shared my sentiments.

Ahhhhh...parenthood. :)


Laura Smith said...

Susan...I completely understand! I have only left Tyson for one nighters (so that I have still seen him every DAY of his life). I know this will eventually need to change, but I hate being away from him. I love vacations with him. I have made people promise to bring him to the hospital to see me everyday when Baby Girl arrives. Am I crazy???

Bethany said...

{raising hand} yep, i talk about it all the time! And the only time i've spent a night away from them all is when i was in the hospital having another one! Weird - i was thinking about this yesterday, imagining myself very far away. I got that panicky feeling - just thinking about it. When i do get away, i will let you know :) I can already tell you, we talk them the whole time we are gone, just going to dinner... "Ah, parenthood" is right. (good for you & A - sounds like a good weekend!)