Saturday, November 6, 2010

Tracks in the...{dirt}

So this
afternoon we all went out to the woods behind our house for little walk.
Andy is so good about reminding us that we all need to get outside...
These are the tracks we found in the dirt that is the {last little patch of dirt} before you hit
the grass coming into our yard.
I have BIG FEET.  I took this picture for perspective.  I wear a size 10 (11) shoe.
My boots are at least a foot long.
These are bear prints.
Victor found them and we were all so excited! :)
I have always known there were bears in {our woods}..they were actually
Grandma Eva's listed by a realtor. :(.

Anyway, the walk was wonderful.  Eva rode in the backpack carrier and she enjoyed every minute of it.


Melissa said...

how cute! almost a little teddy bear :)

Bethany said...

woo-hoo! Exciting!! Like your boots, big foot mama...