Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Making cookies for {goody bags} last night

Last night we made haystacks and snickerdoodles.  This first picture is of the table after we made cookies...Eva got her hands on the bowl of cinnamon sugar...and well....

 I sure do wish I could edit the roll out of these two...ooooohh weee....
But besides that...Andy was capturing the moment.
Roll a little ball and then roll it into the cinnamon and sugar..
Now that one is too little...Is this one right Mommy?  --you get it...

 A Picture of each child making the cookies...and then
 Eva...Do you need your diaper changed?

Ahh haa...Mommy...I love making cookies..I want some more Pepsi, please...No, I do not feel one bit
bad that you are having to sweep and mop the floor.

Today we took all of the cookies to school to give them out in little treat baggies that had Christmas ribbon and a gift tag..A picture of that is coming too.

My question to Andy as I was punching holes in ziploc bags and feeding ribbon through tags and bags..."Do you see what having a {bleep} compels me to have to do?"
His answer:  "You know you love it."


Bethany said...

HahahaHA! You know you love it! Thx for that!! We must love it - to go through all the rigamarole, and then talk about it! Sweet pics - those cuties are good little bakers Mama. Happy, happy!
(telling Rick about it, now that I know that's why I have bedecked my whole damn house with fancy envelopes and garland! didn't know it was all the fault of the bleep! You are too much.)

jennbland said...

I am rolling on the floor laughing!!! I never knew was the bleep's fault but it makes sense now! Merry Christmas!