Saturday, December 18, 2010

Pictures of Christmas stuff in house

This post is actually going to end up being comical...b/c you know that is how stuff turns out when you have three children running around--and none of them is even big enough to make a sandwich.
I start out with all of the decorations placed decoratively.  Then, depending on how the children react..they all get moved.
Sometimes the new spot is one the children choose.
Other times it is one that gets chosen by Andy or me or the babysitter who is being driven crazy watching the stuff {almost} get broken. :)

Elena made this wreath last year in school.  It started out low down...and ended the top of the china cabinet...notice my lladro girl up there too..oh yeah she watches us from a high perch--lest she lose a limb!

 This is my wonderful cabinet that I would {love to have} as a spot to look beautiful..
lets see...the soft/plush snowmen that sing are up there..someone wanted them to shut up, I bet...
Ommm the pinecone turkey is hanging out til Christmas..There is one of those nesting doll things.  ha!  Wonder how many of the little ones are actually still in there...
The nativitiy scene has been placed at the way top (I did none of this mind you).  When I took that out it was put in front of the hearth---you can see it in the other picture I took of the mantel...
this lovely little table also resides in the dining room and is low enough for little eyes and little hands.
Eva is not content with pushing the button on the gingerbread house...oh hell no!---She has to carry it around the house..we have had this since Victor was a baby...and I KNOW he was able to look and "only push the button"  If Eva sees this...she has to carry it.  That Santa/Rocker/Piggy bank--is made out of some kind of resin..we know b/c it got dropped and the back of a rocker fell off and we figured out that it is not ceramic.
"It won't cut you Grandaddy, see?  It's actually made out of plathtic"
Oh, good then...

See it all starts off pretty..then...well, you can see..we have the decor--it is just not placed well..
No wonder Martha only had the one kid--can you imagine what she would do around here?

To see some more Christmas decor {stuff} in some more peoples' houses--go here. :)
She's got us hooked up! :)

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Bethany said...

Martha would scream-a-scream! This post amde me grin. Our tree has ornaments moved daily, sometimes 3 to a branch, so they touch the floor. Some gifts are half-opened, and on top on the bookshelf now. (1st yr of trying to put gifts out) I'm with ya - casual {unreachable}decorating for the sanity-concerns. Yay - Jen on the edge! You've been {featured}, woot, woot!