Saturday, December 18, 2010

So ready for a break!

PS--my throat is hurting like crazy!!! This is b/c i have gotten too worked up about something..I do not know what it is ..but when {whatever} it is is over with--the throat will get better...
Hey out there in bloggy land..if you are looking for my Christmas house pics...scroll down a bit. :)
Or read til you get there.
They are good. :)

Today I zoomed to get my haircut, then zoomed home out of the snow.  It is just ice/raining here.
Tomorrow we have a singing thing at church.  Elena will only participate if Victor does it.  He is the guts of their sibling endeavors.
I think he enjoys this.
Then Monday..the next to the last day of work before a nice little break. yippie!  We all need a break.
I am going to get some baby sitters...and get away by myself some too.
Riding in my car, by myself and listening to my music was the best myself. :)
So, I have two more times to dress everyone, and try to look well put together before Christmas...I am thinking this is all going to work out. :)
Good night.

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