Friday, December 24, 2010

Merry Christmas!

Well, it't the countdown, for Daddy and for me, now.
The countdown for kids has ended.
They have gone to bed.  Not to sleep, yet..only to bed.

We have tracked Santa on Norad.
We have watched the videos.
We have gone to Church to sing Carols and have a pageant.
We have visited with Family.

The only part left, now, is for Andy and Me to work our buns off
and get this stuff set out.
We have to find it all--some of it I have hidden from my own self! ha!
No fireballs this year. :)
last year's fireball...
That was me trying to link back to an earlier post--let's see if it works!
I usually do not wrap all of it.
So, we'll see on that one.

Favorite highlights this year, {so far}
Hearing Victor sing, "Hark the Herald Angels Sing" for the second year, as it is his all time favorite
Having Camelia over with her girls to exchange gifts...she is soooo sweet, and tonight she brought
us tamales for supper--she makes two special ones for Elena and Victor that are not hot--tied
with a corn husk bow "Mama, I love Camelia's tamales!"
Finding a Marie Antoinette Action figure for my sister--"with head ejector action" {super ha!}
US Cellular's "all our phones are free" deal...oohoooohhh it was so tempting..but I did not take them up on it...we are waiting for two incomes...b/c GOD knows I love a gadget!
Those are the ones so far...but one might anxiously await my excitement when it snows tomorrow. ;)

Good night!


Bethany said...

Feliz Navidad Susan & Andy & Family!! Lovin' a gadget w/ you....u know we would [texting buddies} if u.... well, we'll see.... sorry I have had 4 mimosas and it is MERRY around her. think I'll get in Phoenix's tent and take a nap! merry merry...

Susan said...

Mimosas...!!! That is what I am missing...I think I am going to get a shower and then go to US Celllular! :)