Monday, January 10, 2011

Dr. Phil called it {opinion alert!}

This man who is all of a sudden famous b/c of his voice...
Cool voice...
I bet his children would love to have heard it for years and years and years..when he was..
Wherever he was, no?
Does it say something about our pop culture that basically only the Mamarazzi (see sidebar) and
Dr. Phil have actually called this man out for being a deadbeat dad?--oh, and don't forget his
Mama..she did call him out.
I am not one to begrudge a person their 15 minutes of fame--Hell I don't care if he has 15 years of it...
But think about all those years that all of his children --either 6 or 9 of them depending on where
you are reading--would have loved to have heard his voice.
Is all the money he makes going to be garnished to pay for some babies somewhere?
His are grown now.

Bitter, no.  A realist, si.
Good lord!  I cannot help myself! :)

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Anonymous said...

He's already in rehab!!
Love the tropical snacks, good idea!