Monday, January 17, 2011

Ella es una loca!

I remember thinking this whenever my Mama would start to clean up when we were little.
I would always wonder why....
Why is she so mean when she gets ready to clean up?
Why can't she just say it sweetly?
Why do things really have to be clean?
Does she have to clean up right now?
Why can't we eat and drink while she is cleaning?
Why do we have to basically go out of the house for her to clean up?
She is just crazy, I would think to myself, sometimes wanting to cry, b/c her tone of voice had hurt
my feelings.
This morning--full steam the tazmanian devil of cartoon fame, I....
wait for it...wait for it...
Got up and had coffee, and fed my children,
Then I began stripping sheets off the beds and getting them organized and into the wash.
Eva helped me Lysol, then she had a poopy diaper and a rash issue...then Victor wanted his blue sucker...
So, I began to explain to them that...
They were either helping or hindering, and hindering would not be tolerated.
My mission for the day would be to clean the house.
If they were not along on the mission--then they would all need to go somewhere away from me, and
if that was going to be in the house...well then they
ask me for anything to eat or drink until LUNCH TIME, you hear?
I have fed you all already, now I have to clean this mess up, so either get a rag and dust
baseboards, or get outside and play!!!!!
Yep, that's what I said, and that's how I said it...and as I was listening to my music, and juggling
my assortment of brooms and mops and cleaning potions and vacuum cleaner attachments, I was wondering..
Are they outside saying to themselves, "man, she is crazy"
Are they wondering, "why does it all have to be cleaned anyway?"
"How long til lunch time?"
"What if I need to use the bathroom?" (of course they could come in)
I wished they would appreciate:
My mama needs the house to be clean--even if it's just her craziness, and we sure do enjoy clean,
fresh sheets!
But I do doubt it....
I bet they wanted to cry a little bit, b/c of my tone of voice...

Man these floors smell nice! :)


Bethany said...

Ha! Cue the twilight zone music! This was the scene here too... :) I guess it is a Mama Thing to holler at the little dumplings. What is it about fussing and cleaning that go together?!
Now mine all hunker down in a room (it is flipping cold still) and whisper. Phoenix comes out and reports: "'ou're mean, Mom." Cheers! Mmmmm, a fresh house...

Susan said...

You know, the mean thing is so strange, b/c i don't even feel upset that I have to clean. I actually like it....
Maybe it is just a bit overwhelming/?? thus the meanie comes out?
Andy and I joked this AM that it would be my "free time" today...