Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Sometimes you need a ....

Here Here!!
She needs a beer!
Elena and I just got back from Cheerleading practice number four.
I keep track of the number.
We pass out a little card to each girl at the practices.
So tonight was number four.
So, tonight's practice was a little {taxing} on my nerves...to say the least.
One of our little rainbows (that's our team name) was ummm....being very ADHD.
Let me stress the HD part--and I do not mean High Definition....she was off the hook, hyper!
No pill today, no way...
So she was on my nerves--real bad.

So now I am having a beer...
BTW this little girl is a cutie pie! She is sweet.
Usually she blends right in (pill).
Tonight she was the {other} co-coach.
She was the investigator (Who took her pom poms?)
whew...this mama is worn out. :)

I am attempting to calm down...glad her mama took her home. ;).

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Bethany said...

Yowza! Go... Team! What a {special} co-coach...