Monday, February 21, 2011


I love them.
I sometimes think that this is a very {male} side to my personality.
One time I heard that when the economy, music etc.
all flourish..then we all look back to the design of those times with fondness..
Here are the cars that rock to me right now.
When I ride down the road and see these cars..I want to go and {at least}
test drive them...or go for a ride in one...let's see if I can get some pics...
Well, it appears that I may not use these images...
so I will make a handy list, and you will have to seek them out, if you would
like to..
The Dodge Charger
The new Ford mustang
and the new Jeep Grand Cherokee..
All United statesian Autos, I must say..
And here is an oldy but goody..that I might actually have one day b/c I can hardly stand it..
and OLD FORD MUSTANG.   I would love to have one of those...i just love them!
Bueno..happy car searching.

you know the fact that these are all USA cars really says something b/c I am not putting on here:
I really like these.
For many years now I have thought that most of the USA designs were awful...
see a Suburban lately--eek!...
But someone with taste has done some hiring, and the people they hired..well they
aren't playing around!
More {opinions} there you go...

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