Monday, February 28, 2011

Places I would like to be--in a parallel time {or something like that}

One of these is Tortola.
This is a new place for me.  Never heard of it... until last Thursday night when I was out with the girls.
Apparently cruises stop there, and people go there for honeymoons....It just seems really tropical and nice to me...look at that water!!!
The next one is Volcano Arenal.  This is in Costa Rica.  I have been here before--in high school. This is a spot I would like to go back to!  Some friends of mine and Andy's have gone there pretty recently and they LOVED IT.  Apparently the minerals in the water that is heated naturally by the Volcano is full of good minerals...
The next one is of Sevilla--that is the Gualquivir.  The river that runs through it.  That other thing is the torre de oro.  When will I go back to Sevilla/?? 
Well, I will say that wherever I will be a welcome journey...I am pretty much getting
itchy for a trip.
Really though I am beginning to realize that a trip is not exactly gonna happen.  We live vicariously through the trips of others, and travel shows...does this seem sad to y'all?  I don't reckon I really mean it to, b/c I am also perfectly content here.  That seems odd--to be content yet, long --in a very longing way--to go a travelin'

At this point I am thinking that wherever Andy and I go the kids will have to go too..I mean when
I leave them..I have a panicky feeling.  It is not overboard..I mean I can do it.  BUT if I ever get to go back to babies are coming too!! for sure. ;).

bueno---good bye.  That is a little Monday night posty post.  Cheerleading is finished after this coming Saturday!  {yippie}.  I am glad for things to be over, but I try not to be overly glad-b/c that feels like wishing time away to me...and if you are that glad for something to end you have to ask yourself :  Did you {really} enjoy doing it?  My answer is pretty much:  Yes.

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Bethany said...

Traveling vicariously is the busy mom's fun! I'm with you,tropical is such a world away, it's an ideal dream. Trying to make one happen for R & I soon... for our 15th anniversary?! Wot?! :) Till then, travel shows... and living in the moment.