Monday, February 28, 2011

The news tonight

Tonight I watched the ABC news.
Here are some thoughts that I had while watching the news:
*I love C. Amanpour.  Her accent is the BEST!
**The leader of Libya sure is an interesting person--good lord!  She interviewed him.  I heard on NPR that lots of famous Amerkins have performed {privately} for this fellow and his family and they got paid the big bucks!! {interesting} He pays millions to have famous singers from the US sing privately for him...that was just interesting to me.
*The whole article about what is made in the United States--{not much}.
The family acted soooo surprised..then the five year old took the reporter around and pointed out to him all of the Made in stamps on all her stuff--We pay attn. to what we WANT to pay attn. to...and most often what is convenient--{I include myself} ;).
**Then came good ole C. Sheen.  He looks like so many people to me..
He is so crazy right now!! Poor guy--it has to be all over TV--then ay que idiot!! for God's sake, can any one of us even imagine making that much money--if you are my secret millionaire blog reader--I am taking {donations} :)
*Oh please--keep this quiet children, I want to watch the news!! :)

That was all I thought about.  The news was interesting tonight.
Oh, and let's make lists of things that we love that are made in the U.S.
There is actually lots of stuff.
I only buy candy made here...I mean really--all that cutesy cheap candy is made in Ch!na--if they will
put poison in the baby formula {accident} or not.. I think I will just stick with freakin Hersheys etc.
My mama knows this now... one time I spent like 60 bucks to buy a fancy sucker for all my kids at school..they were made elsewhere, so I trashed them.  If I won't feed it to my own children --I will not feed it to other peoples' children either.
bueno--Lucky Brand jeans used to be made here.
There are Sunbrella fabrics sold in many catalogs that sell furniture-they are made in Burlington NC!! Cool, no?
What else...oh, there are cosmetics that are made here.
I do check this out...also produce--I try to buy all the produce from the USA--if not from the farmer's market..which we do not have here in the winter. :)
Do y'all have other stuff that is made here in the USA that you have noticed?

Oh, here is another one!! bathing suits in the catalogs like llbean and land's end..made in the USA!

okay--I am off. :)
To read..exhausted. :)

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Bethany said...

I saw all of that on the news! Her accent draws me in from the other room, if I'm away. Yikes, that family was brave to let them go thru everything! I like to think I try to buy USA, but... I would not want to go through every room. Yow. Amazing how many jobs would be created though, right?