Saturday, February 5, 2011


There are so many posts I want to write!!
It will come.
1.  Elena and Andy's skate track adventure.
2. Cheerleading
3. The mall yesterday with Sissy and LB--maybe I will do that one tonight. :)

So here is the story about being at the mall.
We were at the mall from 1:00 until about 8:00.
We went around in circles buying and looking at stuff.
We ate lunch at P.F. Chang's.
We ate supper at Maggiano's.
We wondered--why in the world does it take 10 minutes for people to check out in the store nowdays.
We can all answer this question.
The sales clerks have to know your FREAKIN LIFE HISTORY!!
It all started at "that's JAr3d."  I was buying one little bead.  The girl wanted to write out a receipt for the bead with my address, and phone number.  I asked her, "now do I have to do this in order to buy the bead?" no...
are you going to get into trouble if you don't get this info.??? no..
So, can I just swipe my card to buy the bead and go..I mean that is a big ole chain store.  They aren't fooling anyone by having the sales clerks hand write a receipt.
Then off to anthropolo!e.  Or, "Anthro"  if you are a college-aged sales girl.
So, they really have to interview the customer.
Sissy and I were amazed that this store would take that time with each customer when people had to wait in line {in agony} and listen to the nonsense..."hiiiii..are you a member of annnnthroooo...""""
When I got up there I just said, "no, and I do not wanna be...I just want to buy my little shirt and get outa here..."  So it took me thirty seconds.
What in the hell were all those other people thinking??
Waiting in line is not a leisure activity.  No matter how you wrap the shirt up, it still just came out of a factory in Ch!na and is WAAAAYYY over priced.  :) 
But we did have fun fun fun at the mall.
We laughed and laughed all day.

When we got home, at 10 oclock..all the kids were in bed.
The husbands were not upset.

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Bethany said...

You are having some mama fun, and good for you. :) was just browsing anthro ads today... hey jealousy! happy sunday, and post more about the ex-muffin toppage!