Sunday, February 6, 2011

More on {less}

So, one time in the fall when Sissy and I were in Durham, I saw a gigantic ad. on the escalator in S.Point mall.
It was similar to the foto I put on my blog.
{Smart Lipo}--and ad in the {mall} in my mind equalled, possibly cheaper, and possible not so big
of a committment??? maybe.
So I decided to look into this.
I got on the website of the spa that was advertised and looked the information.

You see...even though I have lost baby having weight, there was always the muffin top to contend with.
It was an area on each hip about the size of a hamburger bun--they drove me nuts--everymorning
when I went to get in the shower--boo yah!! the fat blobs.

So I went and had a consultation.  The price was reasonable.
There was no intubation.  No stitches.  There WAS a sucking tube and there was a very fancy laser.
The laser melts the fat.
It was all done by a surgeon.  It was also done in a spa setting.
Very interesting.
Great results! 

Now, to lose other weight I will stick to W.W. and to excercise...but how can a person even excercise a muffin top?  My mama has hers, and so do all my aunts--thin or thick--the muffin top is there.  Of course they pull their pants up to their waists to muffin top is not really what theirs is...theirs is more of an upper butt.
But you know, I am glad mine is gone.

So there! :)


Anonymous said...

How much weight can a person lose from this? Just curious-I would love to do something fun for myself, a litttle confidence booster! Something spalike would be great and I don't like massages so this might be a nice "ME" thing!

Bethany said...

Oh! Cool! I am happy for you, I know that feels good to have it gone. Because you said it - thin or thick, there is always a muff. Believe me, I have tried every which way to exercise it off, and there it sits. Yeah.... can't do the {Mom jeans} to squish it in. :)
But... did it hurt, or was it really sore afterwards??

Susan said...

So, this was no spa experience.
It was painful.
It also was just impressive.
I mean they give you a woozy pill.
So you are out of it sort of.
BUT you are aware, they even have you stand up to make sure they are getting it all--by they I mean the doctor. ha! It was strange.
Then I had pain medicine for several days...but I mean I did it on a Thursday and was at work on not too painful.
@ melissa--this is a tool for targeting specific fat blobs...not really for overall weight loss.