Wednesday, February 9, 2011

There are some things I just do not get...

One of them hit me today...
How can some people just totally miss the point?

I went in to help out in Elena's classroom for her Valentine's day party.
Some of the mothers {and dads??} sent in the childrens' valentine's day cards with

The teacher only sent out THE LIST OF NAMES THREE TIMES.
Is that a hint enough?
Do these people not remember getting Valentine's day cards???
Who in the world has ever sent out a {freaking card}without a to: {name} and a
from: {name} on it.
The children do not even get it yet.  They are five--they are supposed to be learning about cards
for pete's sake!! This is one {fun} way they could learn it...
As I looked in Elena's box.. I just thought--This one is from anonymous...and it is not really even
to you--it is to who-the-hell-ever...
I mean that is like taking your spouse and dropping them off at HallMarK and saying--hop out and go get yourself a cute card! --something like that maybe--or your grandma or whoever...

Sorry.  That is what that is called.
Sorry.  Lazy.

I am sick of it.
Might as well not be, huh?
Unless I am ready to go and work in a cubicle...I get to be around {sorry} all day long.
not the kids-sino the lazy a$$es who send the children in to school without any raising.
Is it hard to believe that these children have to fight hard--and learn--not to be apathetic../??

What dumbasses....

or as {they} might write it on {there} fanci phones while they txt...dmbass's. :)

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