Thursday, February 10, 2011

Old Faithfuls

Whenever I need new pants
to wear to work, I can always find them, affordably, at the limited.
Since, well, since I was in about the 8th grade, I have known that The Limited has the pants
that fit me.  They have the jeans, the shorts, and the pants, that, no matter what, will fit me.
They have the right inseam, the right rise (Cassidy fit, for me), and the right shape.
I have ventured Gap, and other stores.
Shopping with CAbi is also fun to me--but the pants can never compare to the
pants from The Limited.
Once, before interviewing for jobs I bought some expensive pants from Ann Taylor...the hem
fell out the first time I wore them, and the button too, by the end of the day..and you know,
the pants never fit really well from the get go.
It is comforting to know that you can just hop on Cassidy fit (whichever size)
and there you go-the perfect pair of pants.
When a pair wears out, or you are too big, or THEY ARE TOO BIG. worries!

Now, this is not everyone's pair of pants...there are other fits at this store, and of course other
people fit really easily, or perfectly into pants from other shops...The Limited is just my
personal fave...
There is no limited at S. Point..this means i have to go to Crabtree to find it!! boo hooo..
or online.

So there is a little positive post for you all tonight...instead of the scathing public criticism that i did last night...

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Bethany said...

Didn't get to comment last night! :) But...yes for real... the V notes should have TWO names them. Should!! I like limited, but my go-to is calvin klein. Luckily, costco carries ck, so it is 1. a deal 2. 1 mile away. whew... :) PS Brunonia Barry is the author. I'm reading her other one - good!!