Friday, February 11, 2011

some pictures

I realize that when I look at other peoples' blogs I like to see pictures. :)
When they are people I know, I like to see pics of their families.
When they are people I do not know, pictures of {whatever}.

 Eva in her snowsuit yesterday, when we had a snow day.
 All three kiddies with the coolest candy we found--probably terrible for the teeth...but definitely a chance
to watch the news. :)  It looked like a shaker in the packaging.  The sucker part was surrounded by a little
bowl of candies that looked like nerds--but were not, and the sucker was the dipper to get to the little teeny candies... a real find! ;)
 Eva playing with her zipper yesterday, I love how fascinating even the smallest things are to an 18 month old.

Andy was being climbed upon by all three children at one time...Is V-man crying or laughing really hard???
Can't remember.

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Bethany said...

Eva's pug nose is too cute!! And hurray for {anything} that gets you a few quiet minutes to watch something in the evening. Daddy pile-up pic is sweet...:) Happy Friday!! It's almost your favorite holiday... (tell me why? Has it always been your fave?)