Monday, February 14, 2011

Why do I love Valentine's day?

Well, I love this day because it is a bit of sweetness.
To me the simplest things are always the sweetest.
Since I was a little girl my Mama has always had a little sweet something for me
for Valentine's day.
I mean little--like a box of conversation hearts and a trinket...not complicated, usually not
something I chose--but something she chose for me, something that she thought was cute
for me.
We would get up and see the treat on the table at breakfast time.
We would also have something besides cereal--like some strawberry muffins...
Just a little simple treat greeted my sister and me.
I think that I will never stop loving the foil red heart sticker.
Never.  It makes my heart skip a beat.  A red sticker made of shiny foil in the shape of a heart.
Let's see, so now we are all carrying on this tradition in my house.
We had 9 boxes of Russell Stover in my house today!! three children X 2--wait that is 6,
but it felt like nine--by the time I had found my favorite pieces!! ha!
It might not be so simple for my children.
Also, not only on the receiving end is Valentine's day the best, but on the sending end as well.
This year I did not mail any Valentines, BUT, no year goes by without some special Valentines, hand made by
me being given out.  This year Elena took over the duty --and made my parents and Andy's parents the
most beautiful cards.
They were just gorgeous!! I love cutting out hearts, making them with curly edges and using glitter...
It is so simple, on this day, to make someone you love, smile.
So there.

Happy Valentine's day!

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Bethany said...

:) Yes, well, all those reasons are {just right}. That sounds lovely. ;)
Hey! My girls got some Valentine's without any names on them, and I thought of you. Because we spent 2 weeks making and addressing Valentine's for the class! Good practice, something fun to do - all the elements are there. Then, we got several where the parents had written everything for the kids... wot?! :) XO!