Tuesday, March 8, 2011

children and their {accents}

So, the accents that influence my children are many.
Since I am a word nerd, wanna be linguist, I analyze them a lot!!

Elena says, "Cry awn" for Crayon.  She used to say "crown".  I really had to do some teaching on this one.
I said..now, elena--a king wears a crown.
These are CRAY ons.
Cray ons.
the first part rhymes with play when I say it.
there are two parts in the word.
Now she says, "Cry awn"  She is trying.  I usually would not correct.
I would love to know how she adopted this {redneck} pronounciation of this word.
Maybe I DO say it the {bad} way.  (If there is such a thing)
Children are masters of auditory perception.

Then on other words they adopt the midwestern way of saying it.
I am thinking this comes from Andy and his {non} accent.
They say --for example,  Pie.  They say the dipthong..not the hard I.
It sounds, to me, like Piiiiii eeeee...
I say pIIIIII.
I wish I could write this phonetically..but I am sure y'all get it.
When I am talking and using the /I/ they need a translator.
Elena still cannot say I-pod.  I use the hard IIIII ....thus..III Pod.
She says, "mama, what is it called again...ahhhh pod?" 
I say no, Elena, " IIII pod."

Victor says, "Mira"  for Mirror...DIRECTLY out of the mouth of his Nana, I tell you!!!

Then the one that DRIVE MY MAMA CRAZY!!  They say they are "done" instead of "finished".
When you are finished eating, you are finished.  When you have finished doing your homework, you are not, "done."  you are "finished" doing your homework.
This, to me, is fighting a losing battle.  This mis-use of a word has been adpoted at large.
I have tried to tell my Mama--just so she knows that i have her back...that I do use this correctly, but
she corrects and corrects them...
"No, sweetie, a cake is done, when it is finished cooking in the oven, you have FINISHED eating."

Not to leave one out...Eva is still just learning...she babbles--the accent...I cannot discern. :)

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Bethany said...

:) This is fascinating to me too. Apparently my kids are going to be like Andy - surrounded by southern accents, but not having one themselves. How did he do that! Of course Rick doesn't have one, so that's an influence. But enough to balance out me? :)