Monday, March 7, 2011

blogging right now...

For some reason, I am just not feeling the blogging right now.
I feel like everything I have an idea to do...I have done it already.

The forsythia bushes are blooming, and the camelias, and the saucer magnolia, and the tulips are coming up..
but, I think I have posted all of this before.

There are about ten opinions about {something} floating around in my head, but I feel too lazy
to even climb onto my soap box.

So, I have just been reading all of the blogs of all of y'all.
Sometimes I am too lazy to even log in when I check the blog list.
So, if there is a lack of commenting on my part, please so not think of this as an
indication that I am not reading anymore...oh, no!
I am reading daily, checking in, etc.  --I am just not feeling the active blogging right now.

Morgan--good luck on your couponing--I have had no luck with that on the past!  I hear a lot about
it these days, though...and lord knows we all need the money!!
Melissa--Loved your post today...Love yourself! :)
Pioneer woman...oh, hell!! She is not reading this!!
Megan, See, I just cussed?
Bethany, I read two of your posts in the blink of an eye the other day, and now I am going to go back and read them again.
Laura--your baby girl is sooooo stinking cute and I have been loving reading about your family more
that post about the game at your grandma's --SO SWEET!
Who else is out there.....just be patient with Ay que Vida girl--Life is happening all the time!


James said...

Cuss it up, Susan! I know you can lay those words down. ;-)

Bethany said...

Cue the twilight zone music... i was thinking yesterday "wow, blogging is feeling like groundhog day, I've said it all before..." (which is why i wrote about stone mtn carvings, huh) Too funny! Luckily, we have mommy brain and none of us realize anyone has said anything before. So, take a break and brang it when you want! :)

Laura Smith said...

Even when you blog about not blogging it cracks me up! You are the best!

Moore, Moore, Moore! said...

Keep the blogs coming Sus! I know how you feel though, sometimes I feel like my blogs are so redundant and that surely people do not like reading them...but I can assure you that people love reading yours, including me, my mom, and even my dad! So write away whenever the mood strikes you! Love you and let's make a plan to see each other this summer.

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