Thursday, March 3, 2011

Apples and Trees...Apples and trees...

I am in the den of the {tigress}--though, I will say--I do NOT have any blood dripping from my fangs! :)
hee hee...
Cheap shot --I need some..

Okay..This was the day today.  It's all about apples and trees (I say this a lot at my work after I meet
with parents btw).

Elena and I had to go to the ALLERGIST.  If you know me, you know that going to the doctor for any ole reason is not my cup of tea.
BUT Elena is a very allergic child.  She has constant runny nose, mouth breathing etc.
For a Mama --this is disturbing.  I just think how hard it is for me to mouth breath when I have a cold
every now and then--so doing it all the time must be the pits.
She had to get pricked all over her back!!! Then in her arm!! She was so brave. :)
Now, on to the allergy shots.
whew...decisions decisions...
I will say that she got this honest.
Apples and trees.
Andy and his Daddy are both allergy people.
I have seasonal ones (since fourth grade), that turn my nose into a grifo (spigot).
So we are not surprised by this.

I loved the doctor. He was so good with Elena.  She liked him too.

Now, I am going to check out.
off to read.

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