Friday, March 25, 2011

Pictures coming...

So that was birthday party number two this month.
Tomorrow we will go to number three...for my niece.
We missed out on the usual fourth one this year, it seems that six year old boys want {boy} parties.
That is not four year old boy wanted a boy party as well.
I am also not saddened at having missed the fourth party.
I went and gave our little friend a big hug for his birthday when I saw him at school.
Sufficient, it seemed.

Elena is usually totally over celebrating her birthday when the celebrating is through.
She {HATES} being the center of attention.
I can totally relate--I always felt the same way on my birthday...when I was being {celebrated}.
We all discussed, this evening, if that would be a genetic thing..or would that be something
she has been conditioned to feel.  I sure hope it is the former, and not the latter, as I would actually
like the opposite---If she could really relish in being celebrated...
I must admit, I have never been able to.
A birthday supper out with one friend is perfectly fine with me...
Or just reading a book at my house --quietly.

Elena {should be} thankful that I am not one of those mothers who orders up the circus when
a birthday rolls around, and books some gigantic festival...
One day maybe her shrink will tell her that...."Look on the bright side..even though you were {tortured} by
having to have a family party the first six least you were not featured on reality TV for
having elaborate and expensive festivals on the anniversaries of your birth.."
Now this shrink will not mention parties after the sixth one..b/c on the seventh etc.-we will go out to eat
at an undisclosed location..just us.  Elena and I will celebrate by doing whatever -SHE PICKS.
If that choice is {nothing} --fine with me, chica! :)

When I post the pictures you will see...the same family folks.  You will not see the ones of Elena
counting her birthday cash--with a big ole grin...and the ones of her riding her Julie doll around on the Julie bike (beaming).  Or her holding her puppy...wait, I caught that one.  All of the moments that really made her smile, I did not capture on memory card---well, except for the memory card in my head.

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Bethany said...

That is tough... when the {expectations} are there, to enjoy being celebrated. And instead you have a Bday child that would rather be out of the limelight. I have one of those too...
And the mommy memory card is awesome - to have a few little scenes from this year in there, locked away. Happy weekend!