Thursday, March 24, 2011

Six years ago today, right now...

I am thinking that Andy and I were on the way to the hospital.
We might have still been watching basketball. :)
I was painting my fingernails...that is what we were doing.
We watched basketball, and I labored.  I tried to stay at home as long as I could b/c I knew once I got to the hospital they would start poking me and bothering me...
I think I lasted until about 11:00 at night.  Then, I got scared--the pain--and we left the house.
Tomorrow is Elena's birthday.
Tomorrow at 10:57--for those of you good at clock math--that was a looooonnnggggg labor.
Andy and Elena and I worked--all day on the 24th, and all night on the 24th, and then well
into mid-morning on the 25th. :)
I really did not forget the pain as soon as she came out.
Nope. :(
It was terrible.
I think it took about three months to forget that pain...all the way until she became my litttle buddy...
Then I forgot.
Tomorrow I am going to bake her a bunny rabbit cake --red velvet and pink icing.
We are going to have a birthday party at her school.
Then tomorrow night--the family will come over. ;)
Does this sound familiar...???
My record tends to skip in March.

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Bethany said...

Happy happy birthday to your beautiful little buddy! Damn girl. I'm really good at clock math, and I can't stand to think about how long that was. Makes my parts squirm! :) Have a wonderful day, and I am already smacking my lips thinking about {another} homemade cake! ;-)
PS you painted your nails laboring, I vacuumed. And vacuumed. (so i couldn't hear myself moaning!)