Thursday, April 28, 2011

At the beach...

We were at the beach
from Saturday until this week on Wed.
Sometimes Andy and I dread all of the work that is involved in a change of scenery {formerly known
as a vacation}.
But, you know, once we get there we realize that the change of scenery is good for everyone!
All of our kiddies had the best time playing.
They played on the porch.
In the beds,
On the beach, in the sand, and in the surf.
They played in the sandbox, and in the teeny shower that is at the
end of the boardwalk.
It was sunny, and it was breezy....
Just perfect!

Elena's T-shirt in that picture says, goodbye homework, Hello summer!
That is exactly what this has been.  A late Easter Vacation gives us a hint of all things to come...
on the big vacay called Summer!
One of the milestones on this trip was that Elena rode her bicycle to the Stop N Shop!
Two wheels, stopping at stops signs...looking both ways.
When she got to the last intersection, she stopped, looked both ways, crossed the road by herself!!!
and then she went to the shop, parked her bike and went on in....all while Andy was about two blocks behind her!!!!  He was about to have a heart attack, but she knew what she was doing and she felt very confident about her trip.

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