Thursday, April 28, 2011

No more Facebook {updated}

it is too much for me...
Andy and I have talked about this before.
Sometimes we have had fun facebook spying.
Other times, I am just on there wasting time.
Wasting time.
Then I find out things that I really did not even want to know.
Then I might obsess about those things, when if I were not on
there looking at everyone's business each day, I would never
have even known that little tidbit of information, and therefore
would not have even been upset (or whatever the emotion is).
Sort of like deciding that you are not going to watch the news
I am not there {yet}.

But then I have just realized that some people use
F-book on their phones, and that is the way
they stay in touch with the world.
So, for example, when I wanted to ask my friends
if we were still going to G-ville tonight, I had no choice but
to use f-book b/c that is the only way I knew to reach them.
So, I will have to still use it for that purpose.
This means that I will have to use self control...and not read that wall thing that much and just
not care what is up there...

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Anonymous said...

I know what you mean! I really don't want to know what every little person I went to school is doing..I was happier NOT being in contact with some folks and NOT knowing what they are doing. Lots of people brag and prob exaggerate. I try to get my list down to people I am closer to and block the feeds of some of the dumb high school people that friended me.