Friday, April 29, 2011

Ay que boda!

We have an official wedding watcher at our house, and her name is
hambone, a.k.a. Eva Lou.
She watched the tail end of the wedding this AM with all of the family,
and she was the only one that was completely enthralled!
I tried to take a picture of her face watching the computer screen.
Later on, I will post it, but right now I don't fee like it. :)
She was saying, "Princess! Princess!"

Then, being the realist, I explained to my children, as
I {lovingly} made their lunch, and begged them to please
just drink out of the cups I gave them...
That ACTUALLY when the princess has children she will not raise them...
She will have people who make all the sandwiches for her children, change
all of their diapers, wipe their faces...the children
of the princess will not even get to see their mother that much.
I let them know all of this...
Lest they imagine themselves as anything royal...
And you know, Elena said to me,
Well, Mama, I am glad we are not children of a princess, then.

Joy Behar is a buddy of mine--in pessimistic spirit at least...
And she was quick to remind
this is sweet and exciting, but we are all just the commoners,
then she picked on the queen's yellow dress...which
I also thought was awful...Granny should go with some mild color,
esp. when she comes from very Royally Inbred pasty white stock.
Pasty white and yellow just clash in my book...eek!
But, you know, no one from the palace asked me. :)

And lastly, I thought that K. Middleton's dress, no, excuse me
the Duchess of Cambridge's dress was
She was stunning.
The Duke of Cambridge was making his Princess Diana faces...
(which I freakin love!!)

Oh, one more thing..I was looking for the Spaniards in the crew on the pews...
But I did not see them...
Sure they were there...
Sure they are cousins...
Aren't they all???

Ta Ta for now, I am enjoying my last day of official vacay!!

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