Friday, April 29, 2011

una foto

Here are the Spaniards.
Now:  you all know
1.I did not take this foto.
2.I am not making money here--so please do not sue me person who took it. :)
I got this foto on in case you want to
a. see who did take it
b.see some other royal people.
Actually, the queen of Spain is Greek.
So, that is her son, the Prince (handsome,no?)
and the Princess--the Prince's wife, not his sister.

And in not so royal news...
I am contemplating getting a job:
at the Food Lion Deli...
I worked at the one in Carrboro one time for about two years.
This AM in was in F.Lion with Elena and I was telling her
that I used to work in the deli at Food Lion.
The manager said, aloud, "well, if you want to work here again, go and talk to that lady, we need some help."
well, this got me thinking.
Maybe that would be the perfect money maker for me.
Not stressful...
Just some extra loot--not the main source.
I am going to sleep on it, and go back in the AM to ask about an application.
20 more hours of work a week never hurt anyone.

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