Tuesday, April 12, 2011


i am probably late to the game...
but this coupon thing might catch on with me some.

the only coupon experience i ever had took me one and one half hours to buy my stuff on my list b/c i had to keep checking all of the sizes and rules...the i just gave up.

that was the one and only coupon trip.  i was at the food lion in Carrboro.
Spent 1.5 hrs., got a bunch of crap i do not like, and left after i {saved} a bunch of money.

well, i am taking morgan's advice and i am giving the another try.
surely with the internet catering to my every whim i can find coupons for stuff i actually use!

I just visited one of the sites...and printed off coupons.
now, it's off to the store.

thanks morgan!
i am not going to the store tonight btw..

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