Tuesday, April 12, 2011


Chances to escape the bo.Co. for Andy and me are pretty few and far between.
Last summer we went to the mountains b/c there was a wedding...
I planned a trip on the internet to go to Paris with my sister.  That trip never happened b/c
I got cold feet about leaving the bebe.
So within the past four days Andy and I have gotten two opportunities/obligations which will
allow us to travel a bit.  Obligations make it easier to take a trip...it's not a {want}sino, it's a {need}.
So the first one is to a Wedding reception in Yankeelandia.
We are flying into New Jersey, and then one of the days we will get to spend in NYC doing
some exploring.  Considering I have not been there since I was 12, and Andy has never been there, I think
this will be fun exploring...
What to do?
What to see???
The other obligation/opportunity will come in July.
There is a professional symposium in a Spanish speaking part of the world...
y bueno, es que tengo muchas ganas de ir.
Right now I am busy making arrangements to see how much I can whittle down the price.
You see a big obstacle to travel is not having money.
We don't have any.
In years past this conference has always happened during a time when we could not attend b/c of life
circumstances...nursing a baby, moving house, about to have a baby, nursing a baby....etc...
This year...well, I could go...
So yesterday the A.Airlines sweet lady told me that I am all set.  The airfare is free.
Now, I am just waiting a bit more to decide what to do and make the final call...
We will see. :)
Cross your fingers.
The destination will remain a secret...I might decide to have a giveaway or something with that part.
Never had one.

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Bethany said...

Fun! Making plans is a good part of traveling... hope these {plans} will work out great! Now, how did u get a free ticket?! Did u sweet talker the airline?! Or have miles saved... :)