Friday, April 15, 2011

Coupon Updates!!! :) {Yippie}

So, {Morgan}
I went to one of the sites that you have as a link...thanks for that btw.
I loved it.
You chose the coupons you want to use.
So, if you are brand picky--like just
print the brands you want to use.
I like, for example Tide detergent and those
are the coupons I printed...
I saved five dollars on diapers today!! oh yeah!...and some money on aleve..
The girl at food lion was so nice and patient too, she tore them apart for me
there were some other coupons that i printed that i did not use today.
One thing, this site said they were going to send me emails...
I thought daily...but i have not gotten the emails yet.
I had a good idea today in food lion too.
You find a coupon buddy who likes the other brand so when F. Lion prints out the
competitor's coupon with your receipt--you switch with that person.
So, for example, Sissy could take my Pampers ones, and I could get the Huggies
one that she probably gets when she checks out...
So, yes...i am liking the coupons when I pick the coupons I want.

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Bethany said...

:) Good! That is exactly how I do it. I like huggies too. Remember this - you can use 1 manufacturers coupon, AND 1 store coupon. Doubling up gets great huggies deals. :) I don't bother with those 25 cent ones, I do the same, printing out high value for the things I use. The other way takes TOO much time and you get stuff you don't like. As you have already noticed. :) Switching out is good too. I do that w/ my neighbor, and we make out pretty good.