Monday, April 18, 2011


Okay, so now i see how people get into this.
It is gratifying, when you are broke--or I guess even if you are not...
to {save} money.
Tonight I spent 106.00 at the grocery store.
I would have spent 131.00at the grocery store without the coupons.
So, that is pretty good.

Now, these groceries went on the credit card b/c by the 15th of the month I have no
pay check I guess that actually means that I am 25.00 (plus the interest it would accrue)
less in debt than I would have been without the coupons...

And more on the debt topic...
You know I had the travel dilemma..well, it is a dilemma no more.
My stipulation for going was that if the school system would give me even some of the money
and if I could get free airfare--FF miles--
I would go.
Got the miles covered...
BCS would not give me a dime for professional development.
I did not want the full amnt.
I was just looking for a sign...some backup to the argument that I should
spend three days at the Ritz Carlton in San Juan PR learning more about being
a bi-lingual Spanish speaking speech therapist....
Nope! nothing doing....
As the psychologist working with me pointed out...the bosses {probably} do
not even get it...why this skill should be nourished..and how {rare} a bird I am...
As Andy pointed out, many people around here would love to hate me just b/c I
do speak a Farghn tongue (no lie/sad but true)
So there is my truth for tonight...
It had me bummed out all last week.
Especially when I read the sports page (have a real beef against athletics...go figure)
but anyway..I was reading all about how Tiger is in China now, and how they are getting into
golf big-time over there, and it was just a slap in the face to me...
What good does it even do to be smart?...better to be better with balls...

I guess I will get over it now...maybe another year!
There's always Paris--{right, Lara?} ;).

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What site are you using? Go read my "shoe" post!! You will like it!