Saturday, April 30, 2011

Friend Service Announcement {for Morgan!!!}

And anyone else who likes to make cakes....
pretty cakes. :)

The issue of Real Simple for this month has the best cake making article!
It has the chocolate and yellow cake recipes, and then it has
four or five icings and some filling recipes.

Then it has really pretty/simple ways to decorate cakes...

Morgan, you basically have to have this magazine!!
I bought this issue b/c I had a coupon!! {Andy laughed his butt off about that!}
But--it is a cool magazine.
I always thought that title was such a turn off...
But the magazine is cool, and this issue was made for Morgan.

So if you are Morgan, {or someone who loves her ;)  }
and you read my blog...get ye to the store.
This issue has a big yellow flower on the front.

I am off  to the Farmer's market to buy some strawberries, and then to a t-ball game.

1 comment:

Moore, Moore, Moore! said...

Ooh I will get it...where did ya find the coupon?????