Sunday, May 1, 2011

Garden {love}

Yesterday we worked outside.
First I went to Lowe's and bought the plants.
Another thing I bought this year, 
Black Kow.
Yes. Cow sh*t is for sale at Lowe's 
in a bag.
So, we have five tomato plants
of three varieties
And for myself only 
I bought some plants to go in my giant pot out in the front yard.
This is the spot that I cannot keep stuff alive in.
So, we're off!
Hopefully, with the help of the
cow manure that
I bought at Lowe's
we will be eating some tomatoes!

Happy Gardening.
Oh! And Pictures of the garden are coming.
What happened was, the camera battery ran out....
The pictures above are before pictures..
after we had the stuff all planted, Elena and Victor went 
around the garden and kissed each plant... still my heart...

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