Friday, April 8, 2011

Smells like team spirit....

Has anyone else seen the news article about the man who wore {his} team's jersey to
a game when the {home} team was the opposing team?
Did I even say that right?
Anyway, the guy left the stadium and he got the crap beaten out of him.
I mean the kind where the person is unconscious and the mean guys keep on
kicking and beating...
When we saw that on the news last night I asked Andy {halfway}
rhetorically--So is that team spirit???

Then on the big bang theory Leornard's new Indian Girlfriend (from India)
let him know that she had some Dodger's tickets and that they could go to a game.
"But first," she said, "you will have to explain the game a bit to me."
Leonard said, "oh, that's easy, get chosen last, get hit with the ball, cry, and call
your mom to pick you up"
That has always been my sentiment about {ball} activities--Thank you Elena for that

This morning V-man came in --His T-Ball Jerthey already on--just after breakfast...
"mama?"  he asked..."When I have my game tomorrow..which team will you root for?"
me: "oh the blue team of course Victor!"
Him, {with a twinkle in his eye}--"why mama?"
me:  "Well, b/c that is the team you are on, sweetheart"
There we sat beaming at one another on the sofa, while Meredith Viera
{blabbed} in the background.

That is the only reason {so far} that I can come up with for team spirit....
We'll see how it goes. :)
V-Man got a dose of team spirit from somewhere--maybe it's a male thing??
But then lots of ladies have it too...{sigmons}

The team spirit continues to baffle me....

(More on T-Ball later)  Our first game is tomorrow!

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Bethany said...

I am so glad he had his {jerthey} on - i needed that... team spirit is so boggling. Go blue team! Hope it's fun... ;-) (We were watching that show too last night- and it cracked me up. Ha.)