Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Ay que ciudad!

 This is Andy
in Grande Central Station, which is, in a word, {grand}.  It is actually breathtaking.  It is amazing that we will either ride trains out of building that are so majestic, or out of .... a strip mall...I guess it depends on who's fronting the money, in this case, it was the Vanderbilts I think (among others I am sure).
 This little gem--one of my favorite places we saw, was called the Church of the Transfiguration (wonder what they put on their bumper stickers???).
It was soooo cute--beyond belief!  It was built sometime in the early 1800s by some Episcopalians.  We spotted it while we were walking {and walking and walking} up Madison Ave.
I just had to go over to it and investigate...so worth the extra blocks....

 Glass and copper awning over the door
at the Church
 Cute leetle pagoda thingy out in front of the church...

 Now that (check background) looks
like something important....IT WAS!! --that was Grand Central Station from Madison Ave.

 In Bryant park
right beside the NYC
public Library where Carrie
Got hitched--no..ditched..
The tall building behind me was one that I liked a bunch...
 Checking out the
guidebook, which did not do me alot of good...I have no internal compass, turns out (just like
Reader's digest {etc.} has been telling us all of these years...I navigate my way using store fronts and homeless guys' feet issues...
"Let's see...we went in a circle, b/c
I KNOW we passed that shop just while ago..."
 Andy being Posey--for the camera--at my request...hee hee..
looking up at the ceiling in the g. central station...the ceiling is painted one of my favorite colors and it has astrological signs painted at the top.
My leg squished into
the freakin plane on the way home...
that is how I rode from Newark, NJ to Charlotte, NC...eek!
What do REALLY TALL people do???


Bethany said...

Fun in The City! Now when someone says something is "a city block long" you know it is far. ;-) Nice pictures! I'm with you, the beautiful churches tucked here & there are so neat - you never know when you will happen upon a little gem. Did you go down Madison to 20th? That's where I lived, Gramercy Park. Another little gem of a park!

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Susan said...


We started out at 42 and we went north from there.
All of the southern parts, are yet to be seen! :)
We will have to go back, and go to the littles and to see the Statue of Liberty and the southstreet seaport...
I want to see that stuff too!