Thursday, May 19, 2011

Mom {guilt}

Okay, so i just clicked on one of the blogs on my sidebar, and the blogger
has all these fotos of her precious son's face....
I just had a row with my middle child tonight.
Probably one he will remember {forever}.
One of those, life's little lessons learned kind.
No glove at t-ball {equalled}
one very upset little boy, who proceeded to show his little
behind...and make a scene
which, I just {cannot} support.
I could see the defeated/frustrated look in his eyes.
He is four.
He wanted {HIS} GLOVE, not the one that was generously offered
by Whatchamacallit (if there was ever a time for an introduction).
I wondered...where in the WORLD is that glove...oh! if only one could just appear..
He acted very ugly.
We left t-ball --no practice.
I spanked him and sent him to bed.
Sometimes, this mommy thing can be so hard/heartwrenching.
I wonder if that {other mother} has these rows with her children...
Or is it always big sky, and bliss.....

I can hope that he has learned his lesson, and he knows not
to pull that one again....
That is why we teach these lessons, no?

I did go into his room and give him hugs and kisses while ago, and he
did smile in his sleep at me....

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Bethany said...

Who knew that raising decent humans would be so hard?! That is a toughie. We hope they learn the lesson, but wonder how many times it has to be taught! We had to do one of those last night. We left the pool b/c they were whining and bickering - and we had just gotten there w/ picnic, etc... so they cried all the way home. But the stand had to be taken, to set the stage for {actual summer fun} without fighting and kid drama...( and the one that was actually behaving is the sorriest, she was sorry that the rest were fighting.
V-man reminds me of Jadyn in this situation... belongings are particular and specific! And the fallout is huge... ;-)