Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Off the {hook}

That is what my phone has been for the past two evenings.
Andy has gone out of town to work.
Yesterday, when I got home, I decided that things were going to be extra calm in my house.
What could I eliminate...????
Oh! I know, the thing that rings at the {worst} moment every time it rings...
Baby just fell in the tub....ring...
Got three minutes to yourself to do a number two??? {RING}!!!
The door bell is ringing and the puppy just had diarhea all over the floor in the middle of the living room rug...

So, last night I decided to use my Mama's old trick, of simply taking the phone off the hook.
We do not have hooks anymore, really.
But I pick it up and dial lots of ones...then it goes busy without the bonking.
Last night was so entirely peaceful.
So I have done it again tonight.
I think the phone will be off the hook all week long!
It is fabulous!

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