Thursday, June 9, 2011

Bittersweet, la parte dos

The last day of Kindergarten.
All of my first grade babies, gone to another school for second and third grade
Mamas and Daddys came to school, and Grandmas too.
Some of them cry.
Some of them bring me presents.
Some of the children are excited.
Some of them cry like teeny babies, sad to leave for the summer.
The teachers, most of us, are all mixed up.
We love our babies!
We miss them over Summer,
and they miss us. :)
Elena was really emotional today.
I could see it in her eyes.
She does not like last days
I am not so sure I do either. ;)

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The Cake Dish said...

I don't like last days either... We have until the end of the month before ours comes. Emma is always sad and she's so close to her teacher this year that I think it will be worse. I'm not sure how Seth will feel but he'll probably treat it like any other day... I love photo of the kids on the giant wheel! We have to talk about that thing every time we drive past it on the way to visit my parents. Everyone has to brag about the number of times they've climbed it. Enjoy your summer!