Wednesday, June 8, 2011


Eva is in full potty training mode.
She has decided that this is what we are doing...
It is {so wonderful}, and it is also, a
that she is not a teeny baby anymore.
When I shop online at baby gap...I still click on baby girl...
And I still can for just a while longer..she is growing out of that stuff...
It is all SO CUTE!!
Makes me a teensy bit sad...
I have always been so excited about potty training number three, and
no more diapers...
{in theory}.

She is really into it, however, and there is no turning back.
She has had a dry diaper for about five days now, save
for waking up after her nap, and when she had a big
ole number two at my Mama's house today.
She is the one who is so into this!! :)
So cute. ;).

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Bethany said...

Yes... {in theory} it is a good thing. That is so cute that it is Her Idea! In reality... I make the mistake of looking at adorable baby girl clothes, and toddler boy... and that is so bittersweet. I even saved some of Phoenix's clothes from last summer, hoping they would still fit. Boohoohoo, bye bye babies! That Eva is one girl that knows her own mind - wonder where she gets that?!