Thursday, June 30, 2011

Could the {fat lady} please sing us a song???

I am not really sure what is going to end this whole recession/depression in the economy.
BUT I am sure that I am tired of it.
The sad truth is that I do no see it ending any time soon.
People in my town are still trying to sell their homes for 325,000 dollars.
ughh... hardly anyone here makes above 30 thou a year...
Does anyone else see how this does not add up?
Ommm..we are in year five of this, and this is still going on.
Catch a clue!!! Houses have to be sold at prices that people can afford to pay.
No. I am not in the market for a house...I just notice these things.
Let's see what else... salary has not gone up in going on four years--that is fine, the state has no money
HOWEVER the price of FREAKING EVERYTHING has gone up.
So, in summary--
1. the poor people who have never had anything anyway--have no hope of having anything
2. the middle class people--well, we are gonna be able to have less and less each day
3. The rich people are and will always be impervious to this sort of thing, b/c they FREAKING STOCKPILE MONEY.  So, do you think they care if prices go up by 15%--ommm, no.  That's my answer.

I am sick of this.
Now, some of this is controlled by our inept, sorry politicians--all of em...sorry bunch of lazy ass folks, yep, I said that too!  ALL of them!!
Why in the hell are they making money and they go to work and DO NOTHING????
I am not sure where all of the rest of the fault lies.
If we could rewind time (cue Cher) and make everyone understand that their houses were never worth
those inflated prices to begin with--maybe this all would not have happened?? who knows??

Okay, I am off the soapbox--BUT if anyone knows where the fat lady is..
I will gladly drive my new {gas guzzler} to pick her up and sing a tune in my town.
It' just depressing...

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Bethany said...

Amen. The house prices in our neighborhood have fallen... thx to many foreclosures. And what we have lived on for years buys less and less, that is for sure. Grocery prices are crazy - lucky you, to have a garden! Too bad we can't grow clothes and shoes for kids... :-)
Sing, fat lady, sing...