Wednesday, June 29, 2011


Can  you all see what this is?
Just in case you cannot tell...
It is a treadmill.
I bought it from a lady at school for one hundred bucks.
BUT--Can you all see WHERE I put it?
Yes, once again, Martha would die!!
The treadmill had no where to go but in my living room.
It is right in front of the tele--and right beside the mantle.
So I have the living room that I try to keep pretty, with --
a giant, whopping piece of machinery showcasing itself right in front of the mantle.
At first it bothered me.
Well, it actually still does.
BUT--when I get finished running and walking and sweating out the mean-ness--
I am not concerned one bit that my living room is the living room, play room, and gym all rolled into one..
No, maybe--that is why this kind of room was given the name {living} room in the
first place, we do our living there. :)
WWMD?  We do have to answer our question...
I bet, considering that she lives in mansions...she would probably faint.
Then, when she got up --she would give me a high five b/c
at least I am trying to get a workout!

1 comment:

Bethany said...

High five from martha!! Hey, remember for a few months, she did all her living in one cell, oops, room?? :) Haha, sweating out the meanness! It works. :) Sorry, Martha loses on this one. Imagine how you can decorate it, at the holidays!