Tuesday, June 28, 2011

An important first-y mas

The first picture is of an important first in any little girl's life--A first pony tail made!
This was the first time that Elena put her doll's {Julie, she is called} hair into a pony tail.
I remember the first time I was able to do this...where I was and everything.
You can see her beam, no?
The ones in the middle are sister love/zinnias--which are so happy btw--I wish
the zinnias could send some love over to our tomatoes--which simply refuse to turn red
so I can pig out on them!! Many tomatoes--no red ones.
And the final picture--Plums glorious plums!! (sing that to the tune of, "food glorious food" the Oliver Twist
I have been chowing down!!! Elena loves them too, and she wanted to know which country they
grow these in--hee hee...I told her that we could have a plum tree, and she beamed again.

One more tid-bit:
We went to see Cars 2 yesterday---and it was soooooo good!! go and see it!!
Loved it, so then today Victor hosted a shopping trip to Wal-mart to pick up the spy car that
"turnth into lotth of different kindth of thtuff"--The lisp is just not on it's way out yet...
I will be working on this--trust me. :)

Oh! and another--note to Morgan...post idea
compare your face stuff.
do several weeks of the aveeno, and then several of philosophy...
Which do you like better.
I always wonder about that--I mean I never even follow up with myself.
You know?

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Bethany said...

They are so cute... this post is chock-full, ma'am! Let's see, Cars - yes, that is on the agenda, whenever I decide to spend a {small fortune}. Wow, you can remember the first ponytail?? Impressive! Ha! I will encourage my girls. I have been doing doll hair a lot this week. Excuse me, Juliet is a family member - and Juliet's hair needs fixing a LOT. :) I love plums... now I need to go get some!