Tuesday, June 28, 2011

A Tale told in fotos


These pictures are so out of order.
The first one should come last.
It tells the tale of our scavenger hunt to find some Fried Cheese, or Mozzarella sticks.
These are {apparently} not the {in} bar food anymore.. We had to go to four or five places
looking for them...we finally found them at Linda's--also an old staple. :)
Then let's see, there is Morgan with our adopted pal--also a Philosophy sales rep--enjoying the {scrubbing bubbles for your face}--a good way to describe their oxygen facial, I would say. :)
Let's see, me sitting on the ground--that is at a pastry shop called sugarland.
y boy was it really sugarlandia!! with--get this, pretzel ice cream cones--no joke!
Their ice cream is also the Italian or --probably European really--kind and it is really good.
Let's see there is another picture up there of the three chicas eating at Sutton's Drug store--a yummy
cheeseburger!! I mean so daggone good!! for real.
I was dipping my Mozzarella stick into the bloody mary--the poor bar girl had run out of marinara sauce.
We all decided that a good stick of fried cheese, really needs no sauce. :)

Okay--more later--lo que pasa es que --I have to run and take the V-man to swimming.
He is  loving it!


Anonymous said...

Good pictures! Gosh, I didn't even realize all the pics you had! I like Valencia, I want to be her Facebook friend!
I want to update soon!
I like the pic of all three of us-turned out good :)!!

Anonymous said...

I am using the group photo on my Facebook but you can only see me in my thumbnail profile picture that everyone sees so hope that is okay. I really liked the picture, I was elongating! I needed an update!

Bethany said...

Susan, you look so cute and happy! That is fun... and I am a FAN of mozz. sticks. They are still at our fave joint around the corner, but I don't get them so often anymore. YUM. Didn't realize they were becoming endangered! Looks like a good time with your friends.