Sunday, June 26, 2011

Tales of a weekend...

There are several tales to be told of a wonderful weekend {just the girls} away in Chapel Hill this weekend.
So much fun, well, that would be a understatement.
We all decided, {we are bloggy buddies} that we will post the tales all along.
Right now, I have to rest my weary bones.
Staying up REALLY LATE is tough on me these days...whew!!
I guess it always has been actually.
We have cute pictures of cupcake quests..
A scavenger hunt all over Franklin St. for an old bar food staple (which
is on the endangered bar food list these days).
Shopping galore!
Facials by Valencia--this one is all you, Morgan. :)
Finding the coolest stuff in Crate and Barrel that was so inexpensive--Simple Pleasure!
Gazpacho at Pepper's pizza...I wish I could send out samples for the bloggy readers to
eat while they are reading the post
And don't forget the cable watching opportunities...watching "Say yes to the dress" about 20 times--just b/c we could..
it was hella relaxing--
wait for it...
wait for it...
I was so glad to get home today and see my babies and my andy!!


Anonymous said...

Wow, you are quick :)!
I think the cupcake place was magical. I will update soon. Morgan's pictures will help illustrate.
It was a fun weekend and check your email, I still need to write you that check :).
Great seeing you Friend!

Bethany said...

Yahoo for you!!! That is awesome. I am grinning :)